11 thoughts on “Custom Structures

  1. How much for a 18×24 carport 9 feet tall. Or a 18×21 9 feet tall. In Blacksburg sc .

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  2. david scott phone 864 633 9680 September 3, 2015 — 5:26 pm

    nice buildings how much for a 20×24 garagewith 1 window each side anthe back plus a service door

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    1. Thanks for asking. A 20x26x8 A-frame garage with (1) 10-8 roll up door and (1) walk door would be $4055 pus tax. That price is delivered and installed.


  3. I looked at your sunplus and like that style.
    How much for something like that in a 10 foot wide by 20 foot long and possibly 8 foot tall structure ?

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    1. Rob, you can get a garage 12x21x8 rounded roof style with a 9×8 roll up door and one window for $2690 plus tax.. That is delivered and installed on your level ground. Feel free to call us directly at 704-482-7880.


  4. I was wondering if perhaps you offer garage type buildings that is attached to the home? Also curious to know if metal is the only types of material you use. If there is anyway, could you PLEASE e-mail me your pictures. Thanks and God bless. kellyacrawford68.kc@gmail.com


    1. We can. We use 14 gauge tubing and 29 gauge sheeting for most of our garages. If you look in our custom pictures you will see a garage attached to a house. Email us your location and contact info. info@phnwebsales.com


  5. I don’t usually comment but I gotta admit thanks for the post on this great one decgbdecebfebace


  6. Was considering an enclosed area for storage of a lawn mower and a few other garden equipment attached to a lean to that would cover a camper


    1. I need to know how big the camper is. what size storage do you think you would like?


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