54 wide unitwestwood heights30 wide, 2 tone garag with vrCall:    704-482-7880

18x21x7 Regular Roof Style Garage

18x21x8 Vertical Roof Garage

22x26x9, blue and ivory

custom side garage, crigger

              Side Entry Carports Available

22x26x9, blue and ivory

22x26x9, Vertical Roof, Side Entry Doors                                       $5860.00 plus tax


Every wonder what size carport you need?

Here is a quick guide to help you:

Width of a Building
12, 18, 20, 22 ,24, 26 , 28, 30

12= Single Car
18= 2 compact cars
20 =2 mid size cars
22 =2  Full Size Cars, Trucks or SUV
24 =2  Full Size or Over sized Cars,Truck

We are a local dealer for Eagle Carports. A great solution for an economical carport or garage.color chart trans

18x36x8, ramsuer

A frame 18x36x8

IMG953490rounded edge garage, 3 garage doors

Great for Farm Animals

Great for Farm Animals



People always ask,

3 sides closed & gable endivory metal bldg, eagle



rounded roof barn styleecono garage

Metal building

18x21x6 A frame style with extra panels and 1 gable

24x21x7 Carport, 2 gables

Rounded roof with a gable end




12x21 Carportregular-roof-style-2-sides-closed-in-bw

Eagle Logo

31 thoughts on “

    • getabuilding says:

      You can get a 18x26x6 combo unit
      A frame style
      $2370.00 plus tax

      This unit will give you a 18’x5′ storage section and a 18’x21′ carport.

      If you need a different size, just let me know


  1. mr, tate says:

    i have a concrete pad that slopes from front to back. i would like a 18×21 boxed eave metal carport put on it. it slopes about 9.5 inches. can they still put it up if the cut the legs on sight. i really need to know , the wife wants her cars covered.


    • getabuilding says:

      Yes, but you will need to purchase the carport with legs a foot taller than you want and you will need to be prepared to pay the install crew an additional charge for cutting the legs on site. How tall do you want the carport leg height to be? Also where are you located? I need to make sure you are in our normal service area.


      • Mr. Tate says:

        Thanks for the reply. I’m in gaffney. The leg height I would like is 7ft. Gable on the front, extra panel on the side not next to the house. How much extra to cut on sight? I was thinking $150′, I don’t want to be surprised after the job is done.


      • getabuilding says:

        Ok.. I would get a 18x21x8 boxed eave with one gable and one extra panel. The cost for the crew to cut legs is $10 per leg, so $100. The cost of the carport would be $1220 plus tax and the $100 additional to the crew for cutting the legs. Give us a call and we will be glad to place an order for you.


  2. dc5grits says:

    I would like a qoute on a 20x20x8 with 2 8 foot doors on the side, one 36″ entry door and a window. Also a qoute on a 20x20x8 carport. Both of these will have horizontal roof and boxed eave.


    • getabuilding says:

      Sure, a 20x21x8 A-frame style garage with side entry and (2) 8×7 roll up doors, (1) window and (1) walk door will be $4245 plus tax.
      A 20x21x8 A-frame style carport will be $1255 plus tax.
      Our prices include delivery and installation on your level lot.
      We would need to verify your location for delivery.
      Thanks for your question


  3. Jeff says:

    22’x32′ enclosed on 3 sides on a pre existing concrete footer. Previously was a greenhouse but torn down to put up new building. 36″ man door opening on one end,open on the other end.


  4. Daryl Quient Smith says:

    Yes, I am in the process of purchasing a building maybe within the next month or two, depending on my options. I have a few quotes already but I ran across your site and was interested in what you offer. I don’t know how far you will travel but I live in Hamptonville NC. I am looking for some grading and concrete as an option as well. Let me know if this is something that could benefit me.
    I am interested in a 24 x30x 8,or a 24x 25 x 8. Both with a vertical roof, no windows, one walk in door, two manual garage doors, soffix, boxed end eaves, leveling and concrete if that’s an option. Looking to rent to owned or finance also.

    Liked by 1 person

    • getabuilding says:

      We do travel to your area. But I would highly recommend you use a local concrete contractor. We have found that works better for the customer. A 24x31x9 vertical roof garage with (1) walk door and (2) 10×8 roll up doors would cost $6285 plus tax. On a monthly RTO you are looking at approximately $308 per month for 36 months. We would be more than happy to speak with your concrete man to give him the dimensions for the concrete pad.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Joy Kernells says:

    Is there in the area of Cross Hill SC (Lake Greenwood) who can measure for the carport awning to fit on a camper with added room


    • getabuilding says:

      We don’t have anyone who could come there to measure out of our office.

      Are you wanting a lean to type awning attached to your camper?

      IF it is that custom you may need to have a local handy man offer you a quote for that type of job


    • getabuilding says:

      We can do a 20x21x10 vertical roof style garage, with (1) 10×10 roll up door and (1) walk door, with a lean to 12wx21lx10h attached to the side. Rated for 35 psf and 140 mph wind rating. Delivered and installed on your level concrete. Your price is $5990 plus tax. Just give us a call and we will be glad to process an order for you. Will you be financing or paying cash? Just let us know. Thanks 704-482-7880


    • getabuilding says:

      We can. I need a few more details. How tall?, where are you located? How many doors, windows, walk doors do you need? Do you want insulation? Please email us with your contact info so we can give you an accurate quote


  6. Johnnie Moore says:

    I would like a garage to fit 5 medium size cars. How much would this cost me? And, i would like it to be able to be minimum 10 feet in height. Thank you very much.


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